Glass Dynamics, LLC offers you infinite variety of stage lighting gels made of glass from the extensive colored glass palette of Devon® Theatrical Lighting filters. Devon® colored filter glass is a collection of high quality colored glasses gathered from around the world, giving an unparalleled range of shades and hues with higher quality, longer life and no risk damage due to heat.  Devon® color will not fade or shift with prolonged use. Devon® Filter is perfect for stage lighting and ideal for floodlighting applications.


  • Color correction and neutral density filters.
  • 41 ranges of saturated and pastel colors.
  • 4 diffusion, 1 UV passing, and 1 UV blocking filters
  • Color does not shift over time.
  • Color does not fade with prolonged use.
  • Unlike diachronic glass, Devon color glass does not produce a
    secondary color towards the edge of a wide beam (color fringing).
  • Ideal for floodlighting; does not reflect heat back to the lamp.

Devon® Color Chart

Devon Filter Color Chart

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