Industrial production of molded and pressed glass, can be uniquely shaped and sized for custom applications. Glass Dynamics LLC specializes in molded and pressed soda lime glass, borosilicate glass, (Pyrex), fused quartz, fused silica and glass ceramic for industries where the quality, purity, mechanical and optical characteristics of glass are critical. We provide molded and pressed glass for a wide range of industries.

Molded glass is a blown individually from molten glass into a mold. The blown process is used when there are hollow areas of the finished components. Pressed glass is simply molten glass pressed into molds and is used when a solid component is required. Molds are designed and manufactured with the latest technology and can be developed with special configurations to fit your individual requirements. Globes, flanges, embossed, counter-bored ID, channels and more. With size capabilities as small as .030" and as large as 6", we can produce many of you needs. For custom quotation and engineering support with absolute individual service please contact

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