Glassblowing is a technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble, or parison, with the aid of a blowpipe, or blow tube to create glass forms. This time-honored craft is truly an art form for master artisans. With years of experience, our master artisans will fabricate any custom design in any type glass to your specifications. From OD diameters of 3mm to 325mm with wall thickness up to 9mm, our staff engineers can and will assist you. For custom quotation and engineering support with absolute individual service please contact

Key Notes:

  • Highest quality of glass products
  • Expert master artisans
  • Myriad of product and process capabilities
  • Precision capabilites
  • Short or Long Production Runs
  • Silk-screening, etching, polishing, grinding
  • Coating, drilling holes, painting, assembly and more
  • Globally competitive pricing
  • Personalized customer service


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