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Our bent, slumped or molded glass precision capabilities create both simple and or complex curves within a myriad of shapes, sizes and or materials with tolerances comparable to precision ground parts. Combined with highly skilled and experienced technicians, Glass Dynamics LLC provides high quality custom fabricated capabilities in a wide range of industries, demonstrating purity, mechanical and optical characteristics within fused quartz, fused silica, borosilicate and soda lime glass materials to your custom specifications.

Edge Finishing
Our edge finishing almost all shape capabilities provide smooth ground edges and scratch-free surfaces within all dimensions up to a maximum machinable plate size of 36” x 60” including all thicknesses up to 2” with additional abilities of step grinding, rectangular edging, special beveling and chamfering edges allowing for safer handling and enhanced chip-free installations.

Frosted Finish
Our frosting capabilities provide an attractive method for enhanced decorative appeal. The frosted finish creates a velvety translucent look with satin (matte) or opaque finish providing privacy and vision control while maintaining a high level of light transmittance. Combined with elegance and maintenance friendly surface resistance to staining and finger printing, Glass Dynamics LLC also offers tempered or laminated safety glazing standards.

Holes Drilled
Our extensive drilling capabilities allows us to drill unlimited sizes, shapes and thicknesses, meeting diameters of 1/16” to 16” in size.

Why Glass Dynamics LLC
Our customers choose Glass Dynamics, LLC because of our personal attention, superior quality, diversified capabilities and ability to manufacture the most demanding custom architectural components. Whether you need one piece or a mass production, Glass Dynamics, LLC is your leading service provider. We have the expertise to help you. If you need assistance please contact us at

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