Bent, slumped and/or sagging glass can take on many different shapes for any application. The process is when heated glass starts to soften, it slumps and sags under its own weight to create shapes or can be bent to specific angles. Glass Dynamics LLC experts offer an inspired custom house fabrication team that demonstrates knowledge, expertise, innovated technology techniques and precision capabilities to your exacting specifications. Most common bends utilized are the Double Serpentine, J-Bend, Radius and the Serpentine (see below). However, with our expertise and sharpened skill sets we are able to produce custom unique shapes and bends utilizing specialty made molds for your exceptional design concepts.

Glass Bends

Bent, Slumped and Sagging Glass

Key Notes:

  • Currently have over 6,000 molds and creating new ones all the time
  • Extensive precision capabilites
  • Gigantic 48" Diameter x 8" capacity
  • Varitey of Finishes
  • Short or Long Runs
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