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Glass preform compositions are designed with specific thermal expansions to match materials to be sealed together. Stringent batch controls provide the highest degree of dependability. The preformed frames, rings, and solids introduce a finite amount of sealing glass which can be shaker-loaded into sealing fixtures to create an infinite range of size and shapes in single or multi-bore forms creating a glass preform.

Our precise tolerances guarantee the same volume each and every time. We supply a complete line of glass and ceramic preforms for single or multi-hole applications. We also offer low temperature solder glass preforms. These preforms are available for glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal. Our preforms range from .040 inches to several inches in diameter, and can be as thin as .010 inches in both the single and multi-bore specifications. A complete variety of glasses is available, ranging in expansion from 32 x 10-7 to 100 x 10-7 in crystallizing glasses, and from 41 x 10-7 to 105 x 10-7 in vitreous glasses. For custom quotation and engineering support with absolute individual service please contact

Kovar Sealing: Schott® 8250 | Kimble® EN-1 | Oxi-Glass HT-202-1

Key Notes:

  • Glass to Glass
  • Glass to Metal
  • Glass to Sapphire
  • Graded Glass (Quartz to Pyrex)
  • Customized Graded Glass
  • Highest quality of glass products
  • Myriad of product and process capabilities
  • Short or Long Production Runs
  • Globally competitive pricing
  • Personalized customer service
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