Custom Bent, Curved, Concave, Convex, Sagged or Slumped Glass can take on many shapes, textures, or reflections for any application. Glass Dynamics, LLC has developed a myriad of unique and valuable processes to command stricter tolerances, and surface quality for any complex shape. Our experienced craftsmen have a long tradition of high quality and innovative skill sets. With these skill sets, our craftsmen can create unique variations of bends, curves, concave or convex shapes for any desired application.

Common types of glass bends include simple radius "J" curve, serpentine and double serpentine often seen in furniture or display cases. There are also various shapes for lighting and industrial applications including bowls. We are a custom glass shop and a quality supplier of slumped and tempered lenses for parking lots and outdoor lighting lens commonly called "Sag Lenses"
We also have the capability to produce custom unique shapes and bends utilizing specialty made molds. There are many variations of each of these curves to create many different and unique designs. We have over 6,000 molds for quality bent glass, and creating more all the time. We have gigantic 48" diameter x 8" capacity for one piece or a full production.


  • Custom and Standard Styles
  • Custom and Standard Sizes
  • Existing Mold Options
  • Variety of Finish Options
  • Small to Large Runs
  • Manufactured to your Specifications
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