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When Glass to Glass materials are required to be united (sealed) and thermal coefficient of expansions are too far apart to be compatible, using a graded glass to glass seal built with of as many as 5 layers of glasses to achieve compatibility from one end to the other always will result in a perfect hermetic seal. Glass to glass sealing is also used to seal flat windows to tubular glass components to make glass envelopes.Using special and unique techniques, Glass Dynamics LLC provides a wide range of glass to glass products. For custom quotation and engineering support with absolute individual service please contact

Kovar Sealing: Schott® 8250 | Kimble® EN-1 | Oxi-Glass HT-202-1

Key Notes:

  • Glass to Glass
  • Glass to Metal
  • Glass to Sapphire
  • Graded Glass (Quartz to Pyrex)
  • Customized Graded Glass
  • Highest quality of glass products
  • Myriad of product and process capabilities
  • Short or Long Production Runs
  • Globally competitive pricing
  • Personalized customer service
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