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Square and Rectangle Glass Tubes are supplied in Borosilicate Pyrex 7740®, Duran 8330® and/or Clear Fused Quartz. From inner diameter (ID) size of .02mm x .02mm to 20 x 30mm, we can meet requirements for many applications. Our custom shop can seal standard or optical windows to tubes to create cells for instrumentation.

The quality of precision bore regardless of the shape is in the quality of the mandrill and the experience of the glass craftsman. Using only the finest stainless steel and titanium mandrills we can exact Id tolerances of ± .001" with a flawless finish lending itself to any industrial or laboratory process without interruption of flow. Using automated grinding and polishing equipment for concentric grinding and polishing of the outer diameter (OD), we can guarantee repeatability on each and every piece. For custom quotation and engineering support with absolute individual service please contact sales@glassdynamics.com.

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