Front Surface mirrors are primarily used in imaging equipment and other applications where the reflected image must be true. Front surface coating eliminates the slight bending of light that occurs when an image passes through glass and back when using rear surface mirrors. Our standard coating is commonly specified for our custom ground and polished optics. For stock purposes, our standard 97% reflective mirror coating is put on the front surface of water white glass with a clear SiO2 protective coating. However this coating is still very sensitive to scratching and is further sprayed with a light blue coating that must be pealed off prior to use. We stock 1/16",  1/8", and 1/4" thick sheets ranging up to 47" x 74".

We can also provide front surface mirrors with optical coatings with reflecting properties to your specifications. We can offer dielectric or metallic coatings like aluminum, silver, gold, chrome, copper or platinum coatings. The reflection, angles of incidence, polarizations and most other coating properties can be adjusted according to your specification.  Please contact us at for your specific needs.


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