Flashed Opal is a very popular white glass comprised of a thin opal glass layer fused to a water white soda lime glass substrate.  It’s even density white appearance and allows approximately 35% of light transmission, while remaining scratch resistant, non-deforming and non-combustible. When designing, ask for the very best of materials, with Opalika™ manufactured by Schott, the sky is the limit, or at the least the diffused light ceiling.

Use your creativity and design Drop Ceiling, Counter tops, back splashes, room dividers or even bathroom showers. A Glass Dynamics Flashed opal capability allows you to create an ambiance in defused lighting similar to daylight with very little shadow.  Its beautified perfection lies within residential or professional areas creating a pleasant atmosphere for a wide variety of applications.

Spectral Transmittance

Type of Glass: OPALIKA™ (TVA = 32%)

OPALIKA Spectral Transmittance


Light Diffusion

Type of Glass: OPALIKA™, Typical Diffusion Indicatrix (No Specified Size)

OPALIKA Light Diffusion

Flashed Opal: OPALIKA™
Glass Code: Schott
Soda Lime
Principal Use
Diffusion of Light
Thermal Expansion (Multiply by 10-7 cm/cm/°C)
0 -300°C
Thermal Stress Resistance °C
Softening Pont °C
Density g/cm3
Stress - Optical Coefficient, C in 1.02 - 10-12 m2/N


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