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Devon® colored filter glass is a collertion of high quality colored glases gathered from around the world, giving an unparalledled range of shades and hues. Devon® color will not fade or shift with prolonged use. Devon® filter is perfect for stage lighting and other theatrical lighting applications, which can be cut to fit most luminaries including fresnel lenses.

Unlik dichroic glass, Devon® colored glass is ideal for floodlighting becase it does not product a secondary color towards the edges of a wide beam, and it will not reflect heat back on to the lamp.

Different colored strips of glass can be placed in the same frame, allowing both subtle and vivid multicolor effects. You could even create a simple color changer.

Key Notes:

  • Range of 41 Colors
  • Saturated & Pastel Colors
  • No Color Shift Over Time
  • No Fading
  • No Color Fringing (as with Dichroic Glass)
  • Color correction & Neutral Density Filters
  • 4 Diffusion Filters
  • Wood's Glass and UV Block Filter
  • Cut to Fit most Luminaries
  • Multicolor Filters by Combining Glass Strips

Devon® Color Glass Filter Chart

Colored Filter Glass

Key Notes:

  • Shades and Thickness - Glass will vary from Lot to Lot.
  • Maximum Size - to Maintain Stability, Rectangles and Squares 16", Circles 10" Diameter.
  • Tolerance Dimensions - are ±1/16". Closer Tolerances are available for an additional fee.
  • 1/2" Grid Wire Mesh - may be added to all Bound and Stripped Filters for additional saftey.
  • Safety Loops - may be added to all Bound and Stripped Filters for additional saftey.
  • Air Vented Filters - for Quartz Units or High Wattafe Dissipation are available on Squares or Rectangles. Color Consistency remains the same under 1000 Watts or Higher.
  • Alternating Strips - of different colors are available.
  • Thermal Shock - this glass CANNOT wihstand thermal shock, and should NOT be used outdoors without being protected from the elements.
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